Societies – Adler College

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The Adler College contains extracurricular clubs and societies dedicated to excellence in public relations and interests. We currently have the following societies at our college.


Debating Society

The objective of Adler College is to provide students an opportunity to develop their analytical, written, oratory and communication skills. We seek to create an environment where students learn to collaborate with each other to achieve common objectives. The focus is on individual grooming which aims to achieve collective goals and targets through an organizational prism.


Sports Society

“Mission Statement: It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tiredness at all” The objective of Adler College is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their talent in various sports and to test their physical toughness and resilience in challenging situations. It also promotes an understanding of the importance of sports in pursuit of healthy and active lifestyle at the campus and beyond. Academically, sports activities nurture an appreciation of the qualities like honest and fair play, team work and self-assessment and spirit of good sportsmanship.


Adventure Society

Adler College is for those students seeking healthy adventure activities. Adler College arranges various training programs and workshops that are designed not just to hone one’s physical abilities but also to achieve the important objective of advocating for the preservation of the ecology of the area.


Social Society

Our Social Society is a professional and academic discipline committed to create demonstrative social impact. It is striving for the socio-economic and cultural development of each individual and group within the campus and for the society at large. Adler College arranges regular recreation and social activities like to impact the society positively, To achieve the objective of making each member of the nation socially more aware and responsible citizens of society.


Women Empowerment

Unfortunately our society is not ready to accept women’s inheritance rights, as guaranteed by our religion and Pakistan’s constitution. It is the need of the hour to sensitize the generations about this issue.