Goals – Adler College

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A complete educational environment based on moral values, where our students learn with academic merit complemented by the fundamentals of ethics and ensuring that their education is put into practice through peer influence and group activities such as, attention to cleanliness, humility and respect, and constant attention to a high degree of virtuous, moral character.
Creating confidence, humility, intellectual curiosity and critical reasoning within our girls.
Creating broad awareness of academic and professional fields; discovery and pursuit of personal interest.
Ensuring the mental and physical fitness of our students by incorporating a meticulous extracurricular program into academics including competitive sports, debates and etc.

How to achieve them:

We ensure that our team is the best in their fields, hardworking, motivated and sincere to our objectives.

We ensure that our school environment and facilities are state of the art and conducive to a healthy learning environment and aligned to our objectives.

We display confidence and determination when facing difficult situations and choices. We persevere when faced with challenges and always adhere to the principles of Modern learning and practical education.

We exhibit honesty, trustworthiness, and sincerity with peers and the student community.

We strive to create a climate of mutual respect among peer and student community members. We foster respect for oneself and others, with our commonalities and differences, which guide our actions within our communities. We respect the natural world. We treat others as we would like to be treated.

We pursue academic excellence in teaching and learning. We establish and embrace a personal commitment to lifelong learning.